ShiftPixy Launches Ghost Kitchen Incubator

Aug 12, 2020

QSR, August 12, 2020 |

ShiftPixy Inc., a California-based gig engagement platform provider, has created a ghost kitchen incubator to help aspiring restaurant operators take their ideas from inception to reality.

“The numbers are clear: Ghost kitchens and off-premises dining are here to stay, and are growing rapidly,” Scott Absher, ShiftPixy co-founder and CEO said in a company press release. “If operators want to survive, they need to re-think their business processes, customer engagement and their approach to real estate.”

The incubator will allow the company to not only help its existing businesses but also discover new culinary concepts.

“We are positioned to add an innovative and highly valuable twist to the ghost kitchen movement and we look forward to sharing more details and exciting news in the coming weeks,” Absher said.

The new functionality builds on the traditional ShiftPixy gig engagement platform, which empowers restaurant operators to better leverage their human capital with cutting-edge technology tools to better navigate their way to profitability, according to the release.

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