meaningful shift work starts here

Bringing stability to shift work.

shift work comes with multiple advantages

Whether you’re picking up extra shifts to supplement your income or juggling a full roster of part-time jobs, you have the freedom to determine your own schedule. But as an independent contractor, you know that hustling in the gig economy can be challenging. Finding long-term freelance work and managing your changing schedule have always been unavoidable downsides… until now. ShiftPixy is the complete solution for part-time workers. Our intuitive app lets you make the most of your gig based employment. Find and apply for jobs, manage multiple gigs at once, and communicate directly with operators. Finally, a single platform that provides peace of mind to your shifting gig schedule.

9 to 5 benefits without the 9 to 5 hassle

A schedule of different part-time jobs means you get to avoid the mundane tasks of full-time employment. But even independent contractors crave the security of insurance benefits and workplace protections.  That’s why ShiftPixy combines the best of old and new-school employment. Qualifying shifters can access the kind of benefits typically reserved for permanent workers. As for onboarding paperwork, you can fill it out directly in the app. No printing, emailing or faxing required.


paperless ONBOARDING process

  • Paperless onboarding within 20 minutes
  • Sign once for new hire paperwork
  • Manage and complete training courses from your mobile device


Mobile Shift Management

  • Access instant updates to open shifts near you
  • Manage your availability
  • View your upcoming shifts
  • Release or trade shifts from your mobile device

time keeping

track time on the go

  • Mobile clock in and clock out
  • Track your breaks on mobile devices
  • Communicate with peers on the same shift