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ShiftPixy is revolutionizing today’s shift workforce. Our innovative approach to human capital and our technology deployment balances the needs for business operators who rely on shift workers and workers who make up the part-time workforce. ShiftPixy is a powerful platform for leveraging the gig economy forces for both business operators and workers.

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  • Access – Connect with a qualified, live, local on-demand workforce
  • Turnover Cure – Rethink finding and keeping people with an on-demand bench
  • Shift Risk – Move employer legal, compulsory duties and risk away from your business
  • Freedom – Liberation from administrative demands

ShiftPixy is designed to enable our job provider clients to better connect with today’s part-time workforce. The gig economy is your new competition for shift workers. The new gig platforms are creating better connections, flexibility and visibility for part time work opportunities. ShiftPixy equips your business to rethink and re-engage human capital to run your business more efficiently.

solution for Shifters
Shift Workers

  • Flexibility – Find work when you’re free
  • Peace of mind – Earn and control a reliable & regular income
  • Benefits – Access to valuable medical and retirement perks
  • Convenience – Live, real-time opportunities matched to you
  • Ease – Simple to use technology to give you the ultimate control of your work life
ShiftPixy was designed to sync work opportunities from job providers with the open time slots of available shift workers. Our platform manages relationships with job providers to take open shift opportunities that are filling their schedules and offer them as work opportunities to qualified workers without the formal job interview and commitments. The ShiftPixy app allows shift workers to enroll, profile and prequalify based on their work and training experience for open shift opportunities. Shifters can earn provider specific qualifications to boost their score and access to more shift opportunities.

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Shiftpixy ecosystem

Connects available shift opportunities and available shift workers.


Broadcast your open shift through ShiftPixy’s Shifter Network.


Receive responses to your open shift call from multiple shifters based on your parameters.


Review the available shifter’s qualifications for your open shift.


Approve and confirm the shifter for the open shift.

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