How the Gig Economy Can Help Restaurants

Jan 8, 2018

SCOTT ABSHER — December 2017 | The restaurant industry has long embraced technology, from relying on POS systems and restocking platforms to leveraging Yelp reviews and social media. Now it is beginning to capitalize on the rise of the gig economy, but not without some challenges.

When the gig economy is applied to the food services industry, it has the potential to revolutionize how operators hire and manage their workforce and how individuals search for employment, especially as millennials increasingly search for flexible, part-time work.

According to the National Restaurant Association, the restaurant industry has a notably higher percentage of part-time workers than the broader workforce, making the gig economy a natural counterpart, freeing owners and operators from the burden of not just hiring and managing, but from the time consuming administrative aspects required when dealing with full-time employees.

However, as with any emerging trend, challenges exist, and it is critical for restaurant operators to address these challenges head on if they wish to maximize the gig economys many benefits. The main areas that present challenges, and thus opportunities, include the misclassification of workers, worker satisfaction and loyalty, and compliance in an evolving regulatory landscape.

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