What is Gig Economy Work?

Jun 10, 2021

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Are you looking for gig economy work but not sure what the term gig means? Gig economy work is the opposite of full-time work in the traditional sense. In a 9-5 job, you make a long-term commitment and plan on staying a while. Gig economy work is made of temporary workers or independent workers looking for a flexible job as part of the gig workforce for a short period of time.

The term gig means a one-off work assignment for a company during set periods of time. The temporary job can last as quickly as it takes to deliver food or one shift, depending on what the business needs or the gig worker signs up for in the first place.

Understanding the Gig Economy

By generous estimates, about one-third of all American workers already participate in the gig economy. It’s part of a shifting cultural landscape of moving away from being a traditional employee and exploring what it’s like to operate as independent contractors.

For some, giving up the supposed comfort of steady work means becoming liberated from office politics, being tethered to a desk or kitchen, and taking advantage of the ability to work from anywhere. People with all skill sets can earn money with a side hustle or in non-traditional ways.

The gig economy also includes sharing economies such as renting out your car, home, or even your internet service. The sky really is the limit when it comes to scoring gig work. There really is something for every gigster, and the movement all started with gig economy apps.

Uses a Gig Platform App

The smartphone changed our lives, and as much as this has become a cliche, it’s the truth. One significant change is how we find work in the gig economy. The main way to secure gig work is through mobile job apps.

A gig economy app pools all available jobs and matches them with qualified gig workers. You can be a chef looking for a weekend job or a delivery driver wanting to earn some extra bucks.

With gig platform apps, such as ShiftPixy, you can find multiple gigs in minutes. Not only that, but ShiftPixy pays way more than minimum wage and comes with social protections offered by full-time employment. Some of these benefits include health care and retirement plan offerings.

Types of Gig Economy Work

Gig workers enjoy various gig jobs in fields as diverse as whipping up tasty bites to cloud computing. Gone are the days that gigs are only for certain types of skill sets.

Food Delivery Services

Food delivery has become synonymous with gig work in some scenes. Flip on the app, scoop up some food delivery jobs, and start making money. All you need is reliable transportation, a willingness to hustle, and a gig economy app.

Transportation Services

Platform workers commonly look for a gig job getting people from one place to the other. The yellow cab, once everywhere, is now becoming obsolete. Gig platform workers can be food delivery drivers and offer ride services at the same time.

Restaurant and Hospitality Workers

Gig economy jobs in hospitality have exploded in the last few years. Securing work is easy for front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house workers using the ShiftPixy job app.

Restaurant managers struggle with finding reliable and trained workers on call to fill shifts, and workers make more money being a gig worker than working full time for the restaurant.

Administrative Positions

If the hot kitchen isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of gig economy work on digital platforms for business administration. The jobs run the gamut from business management to customer service reps.

Accounting and Finance Gig Jobs

Companies regularly look for independent consultants for specific projects in the areas of accounting and finance. Project-based workers come to fill a specialized need and then move on to the next gig.

IT & Software Development Jobs

If you have the education and training in software development or information technology, you may want to explore some of the computer science gigs available. Some of them pay pretty well and don’t have any of the strings attached to permanent work.

Pros and Cons of Gig Economy Work

Like all good things, there are some pros and cons of gig economy work worth exploring. The cons people like to reiterate are that you’re vulnerable when you lack a primary source of income from full-time work.

This is, of course, assuming that all full-time work comes with benefits and workplace protections. You can work full-time for the same employer and not have this safety net.

Other cons of gig work include constantly looking for the next gig and easily disposable. However, there are some serious pros and ways to thrive in the gig economy.

Freedom and Flexibility

Let’s be honest; participating in the gig economy offers freedom and flexibility. You’re free of a controlling boss or toxic work environment. Long gone are office politics and limited vacation days. Gig economy work gives you a choice, self-management, and control.

Work-life Balance

The most significant reason people choose gig work is the work-life balance. Full-time work with the same employer makes it hard to pursue outside passions or live stress-free.

You’re constantly taking the work home with you and not being able to destress. Gig economy work is the total opposite. When you’re done, you’re done!

Expands Skill Set

How common is it for your skills to fossilize at the same job? Employers tout wanting or even encouraging career development or expansion of skills sets, but how often does that really happen?

Gig work opens up the door to explore many different kinds of jobs with all sorts of companies and bosses. It can expand your career paths in ways you hadn’t imagined.

Finding Gig Economy Work

Okay, you’re looking for another source of income or want to leave full-time employment behind and become a freelancer. Well, the first step is joining a platform economy. ShiftPixy offers shifters reliable gigs with workplace protections. It’s the sweet spot between fully employed and completely free. Signing up is easy; finding work even easier.