What Are The Top Degrees In Demand For The Future?

Sep 23, 2021

what degrees will be in demand in the future

What Are The Top Degrees In Demand For The Future?

When choosing a degree program it’s not just what you love that you need to consider, but also satisfy what employers will be looking for when you graduate and beyond. Choosing a degree is about choosing a future career and the more in-demand your skills are, the more choice you will have and the better salary you are likely to get.


There are many options when considering an engineering degree including:

  • mechanical engineering,
  • biomedical engineering,
  • electrical engineering,
  • industrial engineering,
  • civil engineering
  • and computer engineering,

All of which can lead to lucrative and stable careers.

Considering a classic civil engineering major is a good long-term prospect as there will always be a need for civil engineers while the population continues to grow. That said the growth rate in the number of jobs for civil engineers is projected to be lower than the average.

If environmental management or renewable energies are of more interest you could consider a degree in environmental engineering or become an alternative energy engineer. Both areas are sure to be in demand in the future.

Chemical engineers are looking at average growth in the number of jobs available as are electronics engineers and petroleum engineers.

Computer Sciences

Computer science degrees are right up there on the list of degrees for the future simply due to the fact that computers are now such a huge part of almost every industry. Again there are different areas of specialization and avenues to consider if you are looking at a career in computer science.

The area of computer science can cover everything from game design to artificial intelligence. Web developers are in high demand as more and more companies are relying on an online presence, so becoming a web designer could be a good option for a future career.

Software engineers and developers are responsible for software development including designing computer applications and programs. This includes management information systems that combine information technology with real-world data to ensure companies get the best results.

Information technology and computer sciences are certainly degrees for the future and you might even get a chance to shape the future.

Accounting and Finance

Getting a finance degree is a good way to ensure you are never out of work. Every business needs a finance expert and getting a finance or accounting degree gives plenty of career options. You could go into organizational leadership, supply chain management, project management, or actuarial science as well as of course becoming a chartered accountant.

The transferable skills learned while studying accounting or finance are also useful for public administration, business administration, research analysts, and entrepreneurs. So if you are looking at college and university without a clear idea of what your college major should be, finance could be a good option to explore.

Health Care and Medicine

Health care and medicine cover such a wide range of subjects and opportunities for employment including many occupations that are rapidly increasing in demand that its the perfect option if you are looking to make sure you study for a degree that will be in demand in the future.

According to the bureau of labor statistics, 6 of the 10 fastest-growing occupations are in healthcare. They also note that team-based healthcare models are being used more and more to deliver services resulting in the projected increase in nurse practitioner, physician assistant, and therapy assistant roles.

To become a registered nurse practitioner you must be a registered nurse RN, hold a bachelor degree in nursing, complete a master degree focused on being a nurse practitioner or a doctoral nursing program, and successfully pass a board examination exam so it’s not an easy ride, but the benefits are stable employment and a good salary.

Becoming a physician assistant is another great option for those wishing to work in the field of health. Physician assistants work directly with patients as part of a team of medical professionals and have great job opportunities and receive a good salary. Again you will have to work hard if you want this employment opportunity, gaining a college degree and medical work experience before completing a PA master’s degree and passing a certification exam.

A different route to go down in the field of health care and medicine but still, a growing area that will be in high demand in the future is to look at healthcare administration. You will need at least a bachelor’s degree, and probably a master’s but the employment and salary prospects are good.

Of course, there are many other medical options including becoming a doctor, studying nutritional science, becoming a mental health professional, or studying pharmacology that all start with bachelor’s degree programs and ensure you are never out of work.

Mathematics and Statistics

Any list of majors for the future would not be complete without mathematics and statistics degrees. School students don’t necessarily get excited about a career in statistics and yet jobs for mathematicians and statisticians are predicted to rise by 33% over the coming decade.

Where To Study And The Level Of Degree You Need

Choosing your subject isn’t the only thing you need to think about when planning your further education. Where and how you study is also important, as is whether you need a bachelor or associate degree or need to think about doctorate degrees to follow your chosen path.

Different college towns are known to excel in different areas, so your subject choice can determine where you go. Research is key as you might want to go to a different university to study forensic science or forensic psychology than you would if your interest lay in health informatics or criminal justice.

And of course, nowadays there are many online programs including online bachelor’s degrees, online masters, and online doctorates making it easier to study anywhere and dramatically boost your career prospects without making a move to one of the college towns.

Whatever you decide make sure you do your research and choose a subject that you enjoy.