Restaurant Staffing App: Kitchen, Drivers, FOH Filled!

Sep 17, 2020

restaurant app for staffing positions

Hourly or shift-based workers encompasses the majority of the global workforce. In the United States, around 80 million part-time and full-time employees are paid hourly. The restaurant industry makes up about 10% of the total workforce and depends on part-time hourly workers.

Yet the industry is plagued with chronic turnover. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the turnover rate is 82%. Happy and connected restaurant workers are hard to find and retain. In the last few years, on-demand staffing apps have appeared to help restaurant owners and workers fill shifts. The new technology is revolutionizing the restaurant Industry.

As you will find in the industry, most apps, such as delivery apps designed for restaurants, end up costing restaurant owners BIG TIME in the long run.

What is a restaurant staffing app?

Restaurant staffings apps provide qualified temporary staffing to fill both front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH) jobs. According to Kate Krader, in an article published in Bloomberg Businessweek, hiring and retaining restaurant staff is a chronic problem, and restaurant staffing apps help fill vacancies.

Restaurant operators use restaurant apps, such as ShiftPixy, to schedule future shifts or find an emergency fill-in for sick employees. But this only simplifies what a hospitality staffing app can do for businesses and gig workers.

Provides On-Demand Workforce

Everyone from mom and pop shops to restaurant chains use gig apps as a staffing agency. The main reason is that they provide an on-demand workforce that can arrive in an hour. Not only that, but restaurant staffing apps allow businesses to recruit food service staff without having to go through the hiring process.

With a turnover rate of 82%, restaurant managers spend hours recruiting new employees. Only to have new hires leave after a few shifts. All the time, filling out paperwork, training, and motivating a recent hire becomes tiresome. It also wastes valuable time.

At any given moment, there are likely several qualified candidates looking for a restaurant job nearby your establishment.

Many times, workers in hospitality businesses work several part time jobs. So even in the case you need temporary help or part time help, hiring apps like ShiftPixy pair restaurants that have open hospitality jobs to fill those openings quickly. Having a larger pool of labor, thanks to the gig economy, can also help keep businesses insulated from a labor shortage.

Makes Scheduling Easier

Employee scheduling can take the bulk of a manager’s time. ShiftPixy can help fill the kitchen, drivers, FOH shifts fast. Each week or month, you can set up which shifts you need and what kinds of food and beverage jobs you require. Employers can find line cooks, executive chefs, drivers, and more.

Think of it as cooks on-demand or servers on wheels— you set your needs, and a motivated workforce arrives. Regardless if you’re a catering company, provide food preparation services, or a fine dining establishment, scheduling on a restaurant staffing app is easier. Once you set the parameters, schedules are automatically filled.

Improves Restaurant Staff Morale

If an employee calls off on a busy night, it places a burden on the other employees. Sick employees can really hurt staff morale at restaurants and bars. Hospitality apps improve confidence by quickly filling in the needed staff with gig workers.

Instead of stressing when understaffed, the dishwasher or host arrives to fill in as quickly as possible. Restaurant staffing apps increase employee satisfaction and save managers time and energy.

Provides Part-time Benefits

Most part-time restaurant employees don’t have benefits, such as medical insurance. ShiftPixy provides medical coverage for gig workers. Independent contractors crave freedom and flexibility, but they also enjoy workplace protections and insurance benefits.

Working where and when you want plus enjoy 9-5 benefits merges full-time work with temporary jobs in a synergistic relationship. Restaurant owners can secure an on-demand workforce, and gig workers enjoy the security of full-time employment.

Brings Stability to Gig Work

Finding the next hospitality staffing gig day after day causes stress for employers and employees. Gig workers can spend hours interviewing for the next gig or wondering when their next paycheck may come. The variable income makes it hard to plan or save.

ShiftPixy offers stability for both sides— restaurant managers and workers. Once the new hire’s paperwork and training are complete, the gig worker can choose shifts. The manager can set a calendar of available shifts. It removes uncertainty for both sides.

Gives Freedom & Flexibility

Most people believe that taking full-time employment with one job sacrifices freedom, but you have a steady paycheck. Independent contractors may think that it’s worth it not to have the security of a full-time job because they have the freedom and flexibility to choose when and whom they work for each day.

With ShiftPixy, shifters don’t have to sacrifice either. You can work multiple jobs, retaining independence, yet have the security of knowing where you’re going to work next.

Revolutionizing the Hospitality Industry

The ShiftPixy restaurant app is changing the way restaurants recruit and retain employees. The chronic turnover rate and ongoing training requirements make it difficult for businesses to succeed. The new normal is filling staffing needs with an on-demand gig worker trained to jump right in.

The ShiftPixy staffing app offers scheduling automation, on-demand human capital, stability for workers and employees, and combines the benefits of traditional employment with flexibility and freedom. It’s a staffing solution for the hospitality industry that will be discussed for years to come.

Download the app to forego a staffing agency, find your restaurant employees and streamline employee scheduling. Request a demo today!