Restaurant Gig App for Finding On-Demand Local Talent

Jul 14, 2020

found local workers for restaurant work

Are you looking for a flexible schedule, doing the work you love? Gig jobs are a great way to earn extra cash in the restaurant industry on top of full-time employment. Gig workers can turn one-off restaurant jobs into a 40+ hour per week income with ShiftPixy. It’s a restaurant gig app for finding on-demand local talent that allows you to decide when you work and the hours best for you.

All you need to know about ShiftPixy

ShiftPixy isn’t your average gig economy app. Yes, it works with independent contractors and companies that need on-demand staffing, much like other similar gig apps. Yet what sets it above the competition is that all temporary workers are treated like full-time employees.

When you become your own boss and step away from full-time employment, you lose employee benefits. The trade-off for a fixed schedule is the security of having health insurance, a supported retirement plan, and paid time off. By making a long-term commitment to the company or restaurant, they reward you with employee benefits.

Take advantage of health benefits

Becoming an independent gig worker usually means saying goodbye to those benefits. Not with ShiftPixy. You can enjoy multiple restaurant gigs in different places and receive health insurance. For eligible shifters, you can enroll in a variety of health plans, including vision and dental. The bottom line is that you have all the security of a full-time position with part-time flexibility and freedom.

You can also receive workers’ compensation if you’re injured on the job. Contingency workers usually don’t have this added security. If you’re injured, you can’t work. ShiftPixy gives you peace of mind as you earn more money.

What you need to do to get hired

Getting started with ShiftPixy is easy. The first step is to download the application in the app store. Sometimes there can be a waitlist, so adding your contact information notifies you when food and beverage jobs pop up in your city or town. If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, you submit the hours you need, and the slots become automatically filled. You don’t have to worry about scheduling.

The onboarding process is much like applying for a restaurant job. Gig workers undergo the same vetting process, including background checks, driving records, proof of citizenship, and other details. Once ShiftPixy approves the application, the shifters (as ShiftPixy calls its part-time pool) become W-2 employees.

How to get notified about gigs

Much like Uber drivers receive notification that someone needs a ride to the airport, shifters receive notice of upcoming restaurant shifts. The food and beverage app automatically fills schedules by connecting the qualified shifter with the right time slots.

ShiftPixy optimizes schedules based on shifter preferences and seniority. The optimization streamlines your calendar based on desired hours. Once the set schedules come out, gig workers can swap shifts (based on predefined guidelines) with minimal oversight. It’s easy to earn extra income outside of your regular 9-5 or turn side gigs into full-time work.

The best shifters receive priority for upcoming gigs based on ratings. The higher the score, the more shifts offered. Employers know only the most talented performers have first dibs on forthcoming gigs, resulting in better job performance.

Where you can work

Like any other staffing agency, you can work anywhere there’s a need. Big cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles may have more opportunities than smaller cities or towns, but if there’s work and you’re available, ShiftPixy can automatically fill your schedule.

Within your specified areas, you can earn money in multiple zip codes any day of the week. Depending on qualifications and experience, you may offer front-of-the-house support in a fine dining establishment or wash dishes in a brewpub. ShiftPixy helps restaurants gain access to talented and dedicated restaurant staff who can work anywhere.

How do you get paid

Getting paid is pretty simple. After your onboarding documents are complete, you’re ready to grab your first shift. When you arrive at the job, you clock in and out using the ShiftPixy mobile app. Through the app, you also track your breaks. You can even communicate with fellow workers on the same shift.

The ShiftPixy app keeps track of your hours and takes care of payment. Shifters can choose to add a bank account for direct deposit or receive paychecks on a pay card. You don’t need to worry about getting paid from multiple jobs on different days. By using ShiftPixy, you’re a part of a streamlined process that makes being a part-time employee a breeze.

Types of on-demand restaurant jobs

When it comes to restaurant jobs, you have the front-of-the-house and the back-of-the-house. ShiftPixy does as well. Whatever food and beverage hospitality skillset you possess, ShiftPixy connects you with ready work. Typical jobs include the following:

  • Sous chefs
  • Executive chefs
  • Line cooks
  • Home cooks
  • Food delivery
  • Host and hostesses
  • Servers (waiters and waitresses)
  • Dishwashers
  • Banquet servers

You’ll have instant access to shifts near you and all the information to get started. If you deliver food, you need car insurance and a driver’s license. If you need directions, it’s right there on the mobile app. Choosing to work with ShiftPixy means a variety of restaurant jobs ready to go.


Why the food and beverage industry loves ShiftPixy

Anyone who has worked at a restaurant knows there can be constant turnover. Restaurant owners are continually looking for new talent. ShiftPixy understands the possible labor storages and provides experienced restaurant workers to fill shifts.

All the paperwork and primary training come from ShiftPixy. Restaurant managers and owners don’t have to worry about interviewing the next candidate or dealing with the paperwork headache. Plus, there’s no worry about turnover because the shifter is always temporary.

ShiftPixy also removes the risk of worrying about being compliant with labor laws or regulations. The founders of ShiftPixy have expertise in compliance and end-to-end process management. It’s a win for the gig worker and the restaurant owner.

If you’re looking for a restaurant gig staffing app for finding talented and dedicated workers, ShiftPixy is revolutionizing. We worry about the details, so you can worry about what’s important — grow your business.