Mobile App for Hiring Immediate Talent for a Gig or Shift

Apr 2, 2020

shows using mobile for making a hire easily

In this era of gig economy freelance work, on-demand positions and short-term positions are ruling the online job portals. Why is that? The reason behind this exponential boost in demand for a temporary mobile job is global digitization. It’s 2020, we don’t have flying cars yet but the world has drastically changed especially when it comes to the internet. The internet is a world in itself, with its own economy. The amalgamation of mobile apps and the internet has created countless opportunities for people around the globe. Hence, the workforce is becoming more and more mobile these days. Contingent workers can choose jobs from the comfort of their home and similarly, the employers have a wider pool of job seekers to choose from.

How to Use An App For Mobile Hiring of Talent for Gigs and Shifts

Nowadays there is an app for everything. Thus, one of the easiest and most convenient ways of posting job ads online is mobile applications. Gig economy apps provide a safe and reliable platform for individuals, businesses, and potential clients and workers to connect quickly and easily. With the help of a gig economy job posting app, workers have immediate access to thousands of temporary jobs and projects.

Likewise, hiring parties have access to a wide pool of talent to choose from. Those searching for jobs can find any job here no matter what the job description is – driver, cook, writer, graphic designer, researcher, architect, engineer, mechanic, dog walker, baby sitter, scientist, etc.

Different online portals have now converted into mobile apps for both job seekers and recruiters. People looking to hire for a project or job can post jobs that different candidates can apply for. People looking for a job will update their candidate profile and candidate experience to find relevant jobs. The hiring teams filter the applications and pick out the best candidates.

Normally, a candidate is hired immediately based on his skill set, qualification, and experience. However, in the case of big companies using mobile platforms for recruitment, the candidate is interviewed by hiring managers via Skype or other video conferencing channels. The mobile recruiting app works as a tool of communication between the workers and hirers.

In most cases, on-demand hiring apps for contract labor also act as a mode of payment between the two parties. Such mobile apps make money by keeping a commission from the total payment made to the worker. To conclude, the hiring process becomes simpler with mobile recruitment apps.

Benefits of Using a Mobile App

Here are some benefits of using a recruiting app for hiring contingent workers:

  • Quick, Efficient, and Easy

Mobile apps for recruiters and gig, freelance, or shift workers are quickly becoming popular because they make both job searching and hiring very quick and easy. If you are an employer then you must know that recruiting new employees is very time-consuming and troublesome; from sending out vacancy flyers and ads to bringing a new employee on board, it can take weeks or even months. Whereas, as a job seeker you have to wait for weeks and months to get a call back for an interview. Using a gig economy app allows users to have a hassle-free and time-savvy hiring process.

  • Safe and Secure

Most of the reputed gig economy apps for hiring run a thorough profile check of both worker and recruiter before allowing them to use the platform. This makes online talent acquisition portals a safe and secure way of creating new work arrangements.

  • Easy Tracking

Conventional job hunting is not only physically tiring but it can also be emotionally very draining as when employers don’t reach back. Not knowing how far the recruitment process has gone along can be confusing. Online job portals have applicant tracking systems that allow users to track their progress. Similarly, the recruiting team is more open to communication after rejecting candidates to ensure a better turnout next time.

  • Pool of Talent

A mobile recruiting app is the closest you will ever get to the most diverse pool of talent ever. Recruitment software is free from all geographic, social, or economic limitations. Hence, talented and skilled people from all around the world can access remote job opportunities on such platforms. Likewise, employers have easy access to different types of workers. Hence, top talent is right at their fingertips.

  • 24/7 Access

Thanks to the trend of mobile jobs there is no 9-5 restriction to jobs. Individuals can work on their own schedules with flexible working hours. Similarly, employers can hire workers anyplace and anytime! The 24/7 availability of both jobs and workers have made it easier for people to get the job done without compromising their personal life.

  • Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of the gig economy is freedom of choice. People prefer side hustles, freelance work, gigs, and shifts because it gives them the freedom to work on their own terms. People are no longer restricted to corporate rules and work as they please. This makes it easier for them to balance their personal and professional life.

The Best App for Hiring Talent for a Gig or Shift

It’s a no-brainer that these days there are plenty of apps to find online work. However, finding a reliable and secure app with legit workers can be hard. If you are looking for a mobile app to help you hire talented individuals who have a passion for work then it can be quite overwhelming to pick any random app off the app store. So, to ease your pain and take the burden off your shoulders, we took it upon ourselves to create for you the best mobile app for hiring gig or shift workers. ShiftPixy is a reputed, reliable, and secure staffing platform where you can find a trained and highly qualified temporary workforce for gigs and shifts. It is also a safe platform for contingent workers to find well-paid work opportunities in good firms.

The gig economy is on the rise. If you want to thrive in the gig economy then get the best mobile app for hiring talent for gig or shift right now. So, it is time to hire top talent without wasting any time, money, and effort! What are you waiting for? Get ShiftPixy and start hiring!