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Sep 17, 2020

easily found chef for restaurant

If you’ve ever watched Chef Gordon Ramsey on television, then you know that kitchens are full of personalities. Add in a hot stove and sharp knives, there’s bound to be an explosion somewhere. This is even more true if you’re looking for a head chef. Who else is going to make sure everything is running smoothly?

Historically, finding and keeping good kitchen staff can be challenging. The restaurant industry is plagued with a high turnover rate. But if you’re looking for a restaurant chef on-demand, it just became a whole lot easier.

Partner with a Chef Gig App

The modern restaurant may look the same, but finding and hiring a chef in today’s fast-paced world has changed. And the mastermind behind the revolution is a gig worker app. The ShiftPixy on-demand chef app is like a recruiting agency in your smartphone that pays attention to all the details.

When you need a chef for your restaurant, you add the job description and required hours to the gig app. In a matter of hours, you’ll have the talent confirmed. Your restaurant’s management will no longer have to worry about finding a chef now when ShiftPixy does all the work.

Type of Chefs Filled

Chef is the general term used for anyone preparing food to the person crafting the menus. Yet there are many different kinds of chef jobs with various duties and responsibilities. Regardless of the restaurant chef jobs you need, ShiftPixy can help you find one or more kitchen positions.

  • pastry chef
  • executive chef
  • sous chef
  • private chef
  • personal chef
  • line cook
  • executive sous chef
  • food prep chef

Connect with Talent Anytime

If you run out of silverware, everything seems to fall apart. When you’re missing a chef, nothing can begin. Hiring a restaurant chef on-demand solves both problems regardless of when they occur. The on-demand app gives you access to chef talent immediately or for future events or shifts.

The best part is that you don’t even have to ask chef interview questions or worry about where they went to culinary school. In fact, culinary training may be the last thing on your mind.

What may be front and center is that you know that you can connect with chef talent at any time. It solves the problem of labor shortage or someone calling in sick on a Saturday night. ShiftPixy really is transforming the restaurant industry.

Completes All the Pesky Paperwork for You

Most restaurant owners will never tell you they love filling out all the employee paperwork. Or keeping up with the ever-changing labor laws. In fact, if paperwork went away forever, managers may never even miss it. All of this is possible with the ShiftPixy app.

Chefs join the platform, go through the vetting process, and upload the paperwork for hire. All of this happens outside of the restaurant utilizing their chef services. Restaurant owners never have to conduct interviews, run a background check, or check references. All of this is done by a third party. It saves time, money, and energy.

Last Minute Chef At Your Service

Manager duties include everything from daily operations to securing shift coverage at the last minute. If you’re short-staffed, ShiftPixy can help you find a chef to fill the gap. The chef app also allows you to predict future chef needs, so you don’t become understaffed again.

It uses actual data from foot traffic and sales to estimate future staffing needs. Instead of trying to predict when you’ll get a rush, the on-demand app takes out the guesswork. It’s better to have all the chefs you think you’ll need, rather than scrambling at the last minute. But if you do, ShiftPixy can assist you.

End the Toxic Turnover

The restaurant and hospitality industry has an extremely high turnover rate (roughly 74.9%). This means that only 25% remain in the first three months for every kitchen staff you hire. The National Restaurant Association the restaurants and accommodations sector’s turnover rate is 20% higher than other industries in the private sector.

The ever-revolving door of the restaurant and hospitality industry occurs for different reasons. First, some kitchen jobs may be seasonal or filled with teenagers or students. Both types of workers usually leave the cooking job when school starts or after graduating from college. Plus, some chef jobs are part-time, making it difficult for someone to earn enough money to make ends meet.

Actual Costs of Chronic Turnover

Reducing your retention rate will help you save on labor costs. According to the Cornell Hospitality report losing one employee can cost you $5,864. The cost breakdown comes from looking at different areas, including:

  • Pre-departure: The price of conducting exit interviews, paperwork, and severance packages.
  • Recruitment: The cost of promotional materials, job ads, and time spent looking for a replacement.
  • Selection: The time and money spent conducting interviews, background checks, and reference checks.
  • Orientation and training: The time and money spent providing training for the new employee.
  • Productivity loss: The loss of productivity for departing employees and newly hired employees.

When you use an on-demand gig app to replace a departing chef, you’re saving a lot of money on soft and hard costs related to replacing an employee. ShiftPixy takes care of recruitment, selection, and training. All of which reduce productivity loss and add directly to your bottom line.

Eliminate Hiring Remorse for Good

Have you ever hired someone and regretted the decision? According to a survey by Careerbuilder, 74% of employers say they chose the wrong person for the job. Not only that, but the cost of a bad hire is $15,000 and losing suitable employment is $30,000. In either scenario, the situation is grim.

Gig workers’ apps allow you to test drive different employees without all the added cost and headache. And definitely without all the regrets. ShiftPixy only places qualified and motivated chefs in every kitchen. This way, restaurant managers know that whoever arrives will get the job done.

Benefits for Chefs and Restaurants

While the benefits so far may seem more significant for restaurants, chefs benefit from using a gig worker platform to secure steady and ongoing work, too. Here a few of the reasons why chefs love ShiftPixy.

Same Work for Higher Pay

Restaurant positions don’t tend to come with high salaries. On average, a chef’s salary can range from $23,600 to $76,280, depending on location and type of chef job.

Yet joining a gig platform can pay more than if you were a full-time employee. Restaurants needing a chef on the fly may make the shift more enticing with higher than average pay. Or if you normally work as a line cook, but start covering some executive chef gigs, your pay rate goes up.

Also, those looking to earn extra cash can take on additional shifts on the side to save for a holiday or increase your savings. You may be surprised by how much money you can earn.

Flexible Hours Instead of Long Hours

Typically a chef position requires long hours in a hot kitchen. During peak season, it’s common to work 10-12 hour days sometimes. Restaurant jobs usually don’t offer a lot of flexibility. However, on-demand gig apps provide chefs the flexibility and freedom not attainable when working the same daily gig.

Chefs choose the days and times each week that fit their state of mind. You want to add a few extra hours one week but take it easy the following week you can. When you join ShiftPixy, you set your schedule and accept only the gigs you want.

Makes High-Stress Positions Enjoyable

Chefs can work for low-salaries for long hours and still struggle to make ends meet. Also, all the chef responsibilities can create a high-stress environment for the person. Of all the restaurant positions, chefs tend to have the most responsibility.

But when you’re making the same money working gig to gig, those responsibilities may feel lighter or left at the door when you clock out. Especially when you join ShiftPixy, knowing that you can also receive health coverage and some retirement benefits. Less stress in one’s life is always better for mental and physical well-being.

Partnering with ShiftPixy is Transformative

When you partner with the ShiftPixy on-demand talent app, job seekers find chef jobs worth taking. Restaurant managers looking for chefs near them can always count on finding motivated and talented chefs willing to show up on time without all the cost and hassle of hiring a permanent employee. ShiftPixy is transforming the way restaurants see human capital. Give it a try today!

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