Looking For a Chef to Work in Your Restaurant? Cooks, Chefs & Bakers On-demand

Feb 26, 2021

found a chef to work at restaurant

The lasting impression of any restaurant always comes down to the first bite. Cooks, chefs, and bakers create magic behind the scenes and every culinary delight comes from their hands. But it can be challenging to fill back-of-the-house positions with talented and reliable workers. Until now.

Gig economy apps connect restaurant managers with chefs near them in seconds. If you’re looking for a chef, cook, or baker to work, consider using an on-demand app to fill available shifts. It may be exactly what you need to deliver up the tastiest grub in town.

What is an On-demand Cook, Chef, and Baker App?

If you’ve ever used Uber or Lyft ride service, then you’re already familiar with gig economy apps. But instead of hailing a ride, you’re hailing a cook, chef, or baker. In simplest terms, you partner with the on-demand app, post a chef job, and wait for talented chefs to match your query.

The shift could be in a fine dining restaurant serving up healthy food to fast food joint rocking burger orders. The on-demand gig app finds the talent, you specify the criteria (experience, hours, and pay), and the gig worker arrives. All payment and communication come through the gig economy app.

From day one, restaurant managers are in the driver’s seat without all the headaches of finding experienced and reliable employees. When you need a cook, chef, or baker, you don’t have to worry about being short-handed. The ShiftPixy app makes sure you have the manpower to handle any rush.

Cities ShiftPixy Covers for On-Demand Cooks, Chefs, and Bakers

The ShiftPixy app connects restaurants and gig workers in cities all around the United States, including:

  • Los Angeles, California
  • Charleston, South Carolina
  • Austin, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • New York City
  • Washington DC
  • Your City!

The above cities are only a sampling of the geographic coverage offered by ShiftPixy. Thousands of gig workers use the on-demand labor app each day to find jobs, while restaurant owners use it to fill positions and take advantage of the talent.

Reasons to Use an On-Demand Gig Economy App

In the good ole’ days, employers posted job posts to source candidates and hoped for a good response. With a gig economy app, the process has been transformed. Here are a few reasons restaurant owners now rely on on-demand apps to find cooks, chefs, and bakers.

No Interviews or Paperwork to Manage

Between having to post jobs, interview, and file paperwork, finding even one new line cook or pastry chef can take hours, if not days or weeks. Restaurant gig economy apps supply ready labor without all the grunt work.

ShiftPixy onboards the cooks, chefs, and bakers through an easy-to-follow process that includes all the traditional steps of finding, interviewing, and processing paperwork. All the chefs, cooks, and bakers using ShiftPixy to secure work are experienced and will match your restaurant needs. Basically the perfect recruiting solution!

Say Goodbye to Toxic Turnover

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019, there were 148,700 chef and head cook jobs available. At the same time, turnover in the restaurant and hospitality industry is about 68%. The cost of chronic turnover, on average, is around $1,000 per replacement, and this is on the low end in terms of price.

Toxic turnover can have dire effects not only on the quality of food served but also on the restaurant team in general. You’re always having to train a new cook or learn how to work with a unique personality. Not to mention the pressure it puts on management to find a new team member.

When restaurant managers rely on a gig economy app to secure a trusted pool of on-demand cooks, chefs, and bakers, they save money, time, and energy. Toxic turnover is no longer an issue.

Say Hello to Talented Cooks, Chefs, and Bakers

If you’re thinking that gig economy workers may never have had a cooking class, let alone saucier experience, you’re wrong. All the gig restaurant workers on ShiftPixy are matched with the restaurant needs and professional criteria. You can rest assured that each cook, chef, or baker has the skills and expertise to produce high-quality food in no time at all.

After each shift, restaurant managers rate the cook or baker on the ShiftPixy app based on the workers’ quality of work. This ensures that restaurant part-time employees give their best performance each time. If not, the chef or baker won’t be offered another job. With ShiftPixy, you’ll always be connected with talented cooks, chefs, and bakers from the most straightforward job to the more complicated one.

Long Gone is Worrying About Labor Laws

It may seem like you need a law degree to keep up with labor law changes and regulations. Gig economy apps, such as ShiftPixy, make sure that a law degree is never needed. ShiftPixy helps you with compliance by following protocols around hours worked, breaks taken, and time between shifts.

Labor Shortage Is a Thing of the Past

When food takes forever to dish up, customers become antsy. Nothing is worse than a Yelp review about slow service and the time it took for the food to get to the table. It may be as simple as a labor shortage.

Labor shortages can happen quickly in restaurants. Sure, the weekends can make up the bulk of the restaurant sales, but it can be hard to predict how many cooks you need for the line. ShiftPixy uses real-time data to fill shifts based on foot traffic and sales.

After analyzing the data, restaurant managers can order up additional workers to cover the Friday night rush. Or even reduce labor costs by eliminating a shift during slower times.

In the past, restaurants placed job ads to find help, but now all you have to do is update your shift needs on ShiftPixy to eliminate the labor shortage. This way talented and able kitchen staff are always in steady supply.

Fills Schedules Automatically

The restaurant determines how many cooks, chefs, or bakers they need at what times. Once the parameters are in place, a job alert is sent to gig workers. The restaurant worker can then accept or decline the shift. In minutes, open shifts become filled.

But this doesn’t mean this is set in stone. Restaurant managers can add new shifts as needed or eliminate ones during the low season. Cooks can even exchange shifts with other appropriately experienced gig workers, under the approval of the restaurant manager.

Restaurant managers no longer have to worry if one chef doesn’t work Mondays or another needs a week-long holiday. ShiftPixy fills your shifts with experienced and reliable cooks, chefs, and bakers no matter what you need.

Allows Restaurants to Rate Gig Workers

Relying on a chef or baker you’ve never met may be hard at first. You have to trust that they are going to whip out divine creations and keep your product reputation high. ShiftPixy has a protocol in place to make sure restaurants can trust that the cook or baker is always top-notch – through feedback.

ShiftPixy tracks the restaurant and the employee experience on the app to make sure that everyone is happy. Restaurant owners who have previously worked with a particular individual can leave feedback based on their experience with a chef, cook etc. This way, you can trust that whoever arrives is the best.

Keeps Cooks, Chefs, and Bakers Happy

Chefs looking for the next gig usually aren’t happy with their full-time employment. But this all changes when using a restaurant on-demand app for regular work. ShiftPixy offers independence, freedom, and flexibility that a regular commitment may not provide.

Cooks and bakers can work whenever they want and where they want. While this typically means they would have to say goodbye to health and retirement benefits, this isn’t the case with ShiftPixy. Gig workers can still have peace of mind knowing that they have health coverage if they become ill. ShiftPixy offers health insurance and some retirement benefits for its gig workers.

Between the flexibility and peace of mind, most gig workers using ShiftPixy to secure jobs may be happier and more fulfilled.

Chef and Baker Job Types Filled

Just as there are many different types of restaurants, there are as many chef, cook, and baker jobs available. On-demand restaurant apps fill all the back-of-the-house positions, including:

  • Sous chefs
  • Private chefs
  • Personal chefs
  • Senior Living Facility cooks
  • Head chefs
  • Banquet chefs
  • Sushi chefs
  • Cake finishers
  • Signature chefs
  • Line cooks
  • Prep chefs

Partnering with ShiftPixy is uncomplicated, transparent, and liberating regardless of the number of workers needed or the hours demanded.

If you’re looking for a chef to work, then give ShiftPixy a try. Fortune 500 companies to mom and pop specialty shops use ShiftPixy to solve chronic turnover, say goodbye to labor shortages, and fill schedules automatically. This way, you’re serving up tasty grub while never worrying about who will or won’t show up.