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Jul 1, 2020

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ShiftPixy is an innovative hospitality staffing app that connects the hospitality industry with thousands of instant work professionals. Unlike other gig economy platforms, ShiftPixy is one step ahead. Most hospitality staffing apps can’t provide the best of both worlds for shifters (part-time workers) and employers like ShiftPixy can. With ShiftPixy, gig workers can manage multiple jobs and still receive employee benefits, and hospitality companies can hire qualified and motivated individuals without all the risk. It’s a win-win.

How does ShiftPixy work?

With 28 million part-time workers and 25% wanting full-time hours, ShiftPixy can help. It works by connecting thousands of professionals with on-demand gigs. The user-friendly platform offers a range of shifts for different hospitality workers, including:

  • Bartenders
  • Hosts/ hostesses
  • Servers (waiters/waitresses)
  • Front-of-the-house hospitality jobs
  • Event planners
  • Executive chefs
  • Cooks
  • Dishwashers
  • Porters

The hospitality professional can see the days and times of each shift, as well as the hourly pay, job details, and directions to the job. All on the ShiftPixy app, you can grab the hours you need and get to work. Applying only takes a few minutes, and ShiftPixy takes care of all the paperwork (no matter how many organizations you work for).

Who is A Hospitality Staffing App for?

Gig work, in general, can fit any person— single moms to passion project types. People love ShiftPixy because it offers flexible hours and gig variety all in one platform. You get to be your own boss and take advantage of different jobs. Restaurant workers know that by logging in each day, work is available, so there’s no more worrying about getting enough hours to pay the bills.


Weaving together multiple part-time jobs in this economy is what separates ShiftPixy from all its contemporaries. In the ShiftPixy ecosystem, businesses can book shifters easily.

When there’s a downturn in one place, you can land a hospitality gig at another restaurant or hotel with ShiftPixy’s help. You also don’t need to login to multiple gig apps like UpWork or Instawork. ShiftPixy serves up tons of hospitality jobs in one platform and then pays you when the job finishes.


Restaurant employers looking for a ready-for-hire workforce with minimal administrative burdens turn to ShiftPixy. Businesses can book staff and still stay compliant and competitive. ShiftPixy sends hospitality staff that are knowledgeable about their business, but not on the company’s payroll.

It saves businesses time recruiting qualified candidates and decreases turnover. ShiftPixy offers a cost-effective approach to filling shift needs without all the headaches. So that restaurants can get back to revenue management and doing what they do best.

Benefits of ShiftPixy

It’s starting to become clear that ShiftPixy is one of a kind for hiring temporary staff in the restaurant industry. However, what makes the revolutionizing platform stand above the crowd is the employee benefits. Employee benefits are one of the biggest reasons people choose ShiftPixy.

Employee benefits

One of the top reasons gig workers feel insecure in the gig economy is the lack of health insurance and workers’ compensation. ShiftPixy provides part-time work with full-time benefits. The perks mean you can work multiple shifts at different places and receive employee benefits from ShiftPixy.

When the Affordable Care Act passed, many small to medium-sized businesses worried about being able to afford healthcare for their employees. Any person working over 29 hours per week would need to have healthcare insurance provided by the company.

The new rule, while necessary for individual health, it’s not affordable for some organizations. What happened was worker hours were cut to stay compliant with the latest employment laws. In stepped ShiftPixy to help gig economy professionals and businesses create a relationship that worked for both sides.

Better reviews equal more restaurant gigs

ShiftPixy allows employers to rate the restaurant worker by job performance. Workers get rated on whether they were on time and the quality of the work. The highest-rated employees with the best reviews receive more opportunities from ShiftPixy, making the rating system beneficial for the gig worker and the restaurant owner.

Choose a range of shifts each week

Gig restaurant workers want flexible hours, and on-demand staffing is the answer to this desire. You can choose one shift at a time or only work in the mornings. Need a Friday off to enjoy a long weekend— no problem— ShiftPixy allows hospitality staff to choose when and whom they work for any day of the week.

Employers publish their staffing demands into the ShiftPixy ecosystem, and then the gig workers can sign up right away. ShiftPixy streamlines everything. We believe that life can be hard enough; why not make it a little easier if you can.

Payment made easy for you

When you work part-time for multiple places, you’re waiting for several paychecks each month. Sometimes you get paid right away, and other times there is a 60-day delay. It can make it challenging to balance your budget or to estimate your earnings each month. Instead of the juggling act, ShiftPixy pays the restaurant gig workers directly.

Direct deposit or pay card

You can choose to have a direct deposit or a pay card. The funds are automatically deposited on a set date, no matter how much you’ve worked. On the ShiftPixy app, you can check your earnings for all your part-time gigs in one place. You don’t have to check multiple accounts to figure out what you’ll be bringing home that week or month. It gives you peace of mind.

ShiftPixy is a restaurant technology app for the hospitality industry that connects gig workers to the jobs they deserve. But what makes it truly different is the added support and security of receiving employee benefits as a part-time worker.  Most gig workers are only independent contractors with no health insurance or workers’ compensation.

It also offers sustainable staffing solutions for restaurants by providing access to a pool of talented and motivated gig employees. When you choose ShiftPixy, you know we got you covered.

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