Hospitality & Restaurant Recruiting On-demand, Cooks, Delivery & More

Sep 17, 2020

restaurant recruiting for workers

Cooks are the driving engine in the restaurant industry. Without a steady supply of this valuable human resource, mom and pop shops to fine dining establishments can struggle to survive. Yet successfully placing a line cook or chef can be extremely tough. It doesn’t take much for a cook to bail to another recruiting restaurant for a salary bump or a better schedule.

Delivery drivers can be hard to find, too. The demand for delivery drivers to bring everything from groceries to gourmet food to people’s doorsteps has tripled in the last few years. Job boards looking for delivery drivers have multiple ads, making it easy for drivers to move from job to job searching for better pay and benefits.

This is why the hospitality industry benefits significantly from hospitality and restaurant recruitment. But more restaurants are moving away from the traditional recruitment process and using on-demand gig apps to fill cooking and delivery jobs.

Benefits for Cooks and Delivery Divers

Hospitality management recruitment using a restaurant gig app, such as ShiftPixy, allows employers to fill cooking and driving positions quickly.

Job seekers sign up online, upload their paperwork, search jobs, and then accept shifts.  The whole process is simple and provides benefits for cooks and delivery drivers not available through traditional employment.

No More Wasting Time with Endless Interviews

If you’re unhappy with your work, finding another gig can be time-consuming. Cooks have to find job postings, send in their resume, and wait for an interview. Going through the whole process, answering interview questions, and waiting for an answer is stressful.

Not with a restaurant gig app. The vetting process occurs entirely online, and once it’s completed, you can begin to accept cooking jobs immediately. It saves you tons of valuable time and energy.

Increases Skills and Experiences

When you work in the same kitchen day after day, you may not be increasing your culinary skills. Gig apps allow you to work in different types of restaurants serving various kinds of food. One day you can be a line chef at a Michelin starred restaurant and the next night slinging pizza in a neighborhood hotspot.

Cooks and delivery drivers also make valuable contacts by working available shifts at different establishments. You’re really building your network while gaining experience cooking and delivering all kinds of food. All of which adds to your resume and helps you learn about the restaurant industry from many different angles.

Better Pay For the Same Work

Contract food delivery and cooking aren’t known for being well-paid. Yet the pay for the restaurant workforce may be better using an on-demand restaurant worker app. Sometimes shifts need to be filled immediately, so cooks earn more an hour. Also, different restaurants may have a higher starting wage than what you usually make as a full-time employee.

Finding a well-paid cooking job can be challenging even for the more experienced line cook or executive chef. However, restaurant apps connect you with multiple employers who may provide better pay for the same work.

Perfect for Those Who Become Bored Easily

Long gone are the days one spends years at the same job. On average, men and women at any job leave every four years, according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For cooking jobs, this can be even less. Yet gig work helps stave off the boredom of working in the same kitchen each shift.

The on-demand recruitment experience means you have the opportunity to travel around your city, peeking into the inner workings of many kitchens. You get to work with new people each time and experience different management styles. With gig work, you’ll never become bored. If you don’t gel with management, the relationship ends when you clock out.

More Than an Independent Contractor

Long-term employment can have its perks (benefits and stability). But when you work with ShiftPixy, you have the freedom and flexibility of an independent contractor with full-time employment protection.

ShiftPixy offers medical insurance and some retirement benefits for its gig workers. You don’t have to sacrifice health coverage for independence. ShiftPixy provides cooks and delivery drivers ready work and security that can’t be matched at other places.

You’re paid directly from ShiftPixy, so you don’t have to wait for multiple paychecks to hit the bank. Cooks can also accept work whenever they want, making it possible to create a dream schedule or only work when available. With ShiftPixy, you’re more than an independent contractor.

Make Extra Money On the Side

Cooks and drivers don’t have to leave their regular gig for independent work. Restaurant apps allow you to earn some extra income on the side. The restaurant industry ebbs and flows, making it easy to work additional hours at one restaurant when your current job is experiencing a downturn.

Or if you’re saving for a vacation or a big purchase, you can make some extra dough to fill the coffers. There really is nothing wrong with earning a few more bucks each month.

Benefits for Restaurant Owners

The recruitment experience for a lot of restaurant owners is time-consuming and costly. Finding and maintaining a skilled restaurant team is challenging. Yet it doesn’t have to be with hospitality and restaurant recruiting on-demand apps. Here are the benefits of using an on-demand labor app for restaurant owners as the new way to source candidates.

Solves the Labor Shortage

Eating out is a national pastime, and this shows with multiple food choices filling city blocks in the United States. Customers have tons of choice, and so do cooks and delivery drivers on where they clock in. Restaurant managers continuously have to battle the labor shortage, and on a Friday night, this can become apparent immediately. Heck, even if you’re in the middle of restaurant management recruiting you’ll be able to quickly identify candidates.

Filling the bench with able-bodied cooks is swift with restaurant apps, such as ShiftPixy. Managers update the app with available shifts, types of jobs available, and the hours become filled immediately. Restaurant owners can even add changes last minute when experiencing a rush or someone calls in sick.

Each week real-time data based on customer foot traffic and sales helps the restaurant understand how many cooks they need on staff. They can use this information to set how many shifts they need at what time each week or month. The predictive factor of using ShiftPixy minimizes the chances of becoming shorthanded again.

Say Farewell to Chronic Turnover

Any hiring restaurant will tell you that the recruiting process is an endless cycle in the hospitality industry. As soon as you’ve ended your executive search for a chef, you need to fill multiple sous chef or link cook positions.

Toxic turnover takes a toll on managers and the restaurant’s bottom line. It can cost about $1,000 to fill a new position. And this is on the low end. On-demand apps alleviate that cost by providing skilled cooks and drivers when you need them. Restaurants don’t have to offer benefits or perks to keep cooks in full-time positions.

Manages All the Fine Details

The hiring process becomes mired down with crafting job descriptions, interviewing candidates, and filling out all the paperwork. ShiftPixy is your personal recruitment team that screens candidates, handles paperwork, and makes sure you’re compliant with ever-changing labor laws.

In the end, you can trust that your ShiftPixy executive recruiters have chosen the perfect candidate to fill the jobs you need. Plus, you don’t have to worry about all the details.

Say Goodbye to Talentless Hires

Have you ever made a candidate selection only to regret it later? The cook doesn’t have the knife skills needed or made claims during the interview that didn’t quite muster up.

On-demand apps are recruitment specialists that rate hires by skills and experience then connect them with restaurant owners’ needs and expectations. You can rate them after each shift to ensure standards are met. This way, each time a new cook enters your line, you know you’re getting the best.

Fills All Kinds of Cooking Jobs

The on-demand hospitality recruiter app delivers qualified candidates for any kind of restaurant or job needed. Whether it’s at a private country club, a cruise line, or campus dining, you can feel confident that the selection process will result in an experienced cook or driver arriving on time.

ShiftPixy recruiting efforts can fill the following back of the house positions.

  • Baking and pastry chef
  • Line cook
  • Caterer
  • Foodservice or restaurant manager
  • Restaurant chef
  • Personal chef
  • Senior Living Facilities
  • Prep cook
  • Sous chef
  • Executive chef
  • Saucier
  • Delivery drivers

In addition to the back of the house positions, you can also fill the front of the house with skilled workers. We have you covered when it comes to servers, hostesses, busboys, and bartenders. On-demand apps build restaurant and leadership teams effortlessly.

Restaurant recruiting doesn’t have to be a brain drain. Cooks and delivery drivers can connect with ready work in seconds, and restaurants don’t have to worry about continually looking for experienced employees to join their team. It really is a beneficial partnership— that can’t be beaten.