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Let us keep your bench full so you can get out of the recruiting business.

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What can Pixy do for you?


Reliable ShiftPixy technology enables you to keep your schedule filled with a live, on-demand workforce.

Expanded ACCESS

ShiftPixy’s ecosystem lets you find workers who are interested, experienced, and available.


ShiftPixy’s ecosystem lets you find workers who are interested, experienced, and available.

CURE Turnover

Rethink finding and keeping people with an on-demand bench

We Fixed Work

Smart Technology meets Human Capital

Our innovative technology platform facilitates efficient and seamless workforce management. With ShiftPixy, you get an intuitive tool that perfectly aligns with your operations. Say goodbye to under-staffing or over-staffing, and say hello to workforce optimization.

On-Demand Workforce



Applicant Tracking & Analytics

Turnover Reduction

Schedule optimization

Data-Driven Staffing

Seasonal Production Ramps

Small-Scale Staff Augmentation

Large-Scale Contract Workforce

New Facility Openings

And Much More

Staffing Amplified

Let Pixy Keep YOur Bench Full

Data-driven Staffing

Craft Your Ideal Workforce

ShiftPixy helps you effortlessly navigate the challenges of recruiting, providing you with top-tier talent ready to hit the ground running. With ShiftPixy, our team becomes yours, granting you access to our:


  • Skill-matching Technology
  • AI-Powered Opportunity Matching
  • Credentials Verification
  • Robust Shifter Ecosystem
  • Customized Payroll Services
  • Paperless Employee Onboarding

And so much more

New problems can’t be fixed with old thinking!

Meet the new workforce where they are, and keep your bench filled with a ShiftPixy quality workforce.

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