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Feb 15, 2021

cooks for hire found using shiftpixy app

Are you looking for cooks to hire? Gig platform apps provide reliable access to on-demand line cooks, chefs, and staff. When managers use ShiftPixy as a one-stop-shop for all staffing needs, restaurants will never be short-handed again. It’s revolutionizing the restaurant industry and the traditional hiring process.

What is a Gig App?

In the past, chefs looking for work scoured endless job posts looking for the perfect fit. Or restaurant managers spent time and money posting ads seeking qualified candidates. While traditional methods of hiring restaurant staff still exist, a more modern approach streamlines the process— the gig app.

A gig app works with qualified workers seeking jobs in various job titles, including line cooks, personal chefs, fine-dining chefs, and so on.  It makes it easier for restaurants to have access to temporary labor. When your restaurant needs a shift filled, the app sends an instant message to matched candidates. The gig worker can accept or decline the job offer, whether it’s for a private chef or food prep.

Once a match takes place, the restaurant manager receives a message. The whole process is quick and easy, making securing human capital stress-free and reliable for both the manager and worker. The gig worker can accept as many shifts as he or she wants or is available to work.

Why do you need the ShiftPixy App?

Restaurant owners and managers in cities like Chicago or San Francisco take advantage of the on-demand ShiftPixy app to fill shifts. The reasons for this primarily have to do with the fact that finding restaurant staff is challenging. And keeping qualified cooks, chefs, and staff is more formidable.

Restaurant jobs in most cities are plentiful. In a large urban enclave like Los Angeles, there are close to 30,000 restaurants. This fact alone makes the competition for qualified cooks, chefs, and staff fierce. For an additional 50 cents an hour, your line cook could suddenly make a career change. However, with the ShiftPixy app, the hiring process takes place online and provides ready labor without worry.

Here are eight reasons to use ShiftPixy as your solution when looking for cooks to hire:

1. Fills Schedules Automatically

Restaurant owners and managers have a lot to deal with day-to-day. Creating the schedule takes time and energy to figure out who is available and to accommodate time-off requests. The ShiftPixy app automatically intuitively fills the job seeker’s plan.

The restaurant manager sets the parameters (days and shift times) and job descriptions. ShiftPixy matches the criteria with available cooks, chefs, and staff. There are no interview questions or concerns about whether the person went to culinary school or even if he or she knows how to prepare food. ShiftPixy fills shifts only with motivated and qualified cooks.

2. Protects Your Business

Keeping up with labor laws and regulations can be difficult when you have other, more pressing concerns. ShiftPixy helps restaurants remain compliant by creating custom rules in the app to ensure schedules follow federal, state, and local laws.

This allows businesses to shift the risk of regulatory compliance away from their restaurant. ShiftPixy oversees regulatory compliance by making sure employees don’t work more than a certain amount, take frequent breaks, and allow enough time between shifts. ShiftPixy becomes the restaurant’s personal assistant to all things compliance-related.

3. Provides Health Benefits

Part-time gig workers don’t usually have health or retirement benefits. ShiftPixy changes all that by providing health insurance for its gig workers, including line cook jobs and other restaurant staff.

Health insurance is essential for anyone in any kind of job. Knowing that if you get sick, you can visit a doctor without worrying about a hefty bill is a huge benefit. This also alleviates any concern one has about receiving medical care. ShiftPixy knows that providing health insurance to employees can be costly and not affordable for those who work part-time or cannot work enough hours to earn health benefits.

ShiftPixy also provides access to a 401K for qualified shifters using the app. Knowing that gig work offers health coverage and other benefits encourages only the most qualified workers to use ShiftPixy’s placement services.

4. Eliminates Paperwork

Hiring line cooks, chefs, and staff takes an enormous amount of time and energy, from posting on a job board to the interview process. Then comes all the paperwork when completing the hiring process. The ShiftPixy app takes care of all the details, including the mounds of paperwork needed when hiring a new part-time or full-time employee.

Cooks, chefs, and staff join ShiftPixy and start the vetting process. Once approved, the gig workers upload the necessary documents to ShiftPixy. Based on experience, the worker learns about available gig jobs on the app. The restaurant never facilitates the new hire paperwork in any way.

The streamlined process makes hiring simple, efficient, and less frustrating for the restaurant manager. In the end, the restaurant owner can focus on more critical and pressing duties.

5. Ensures You’re Fully Staffed

It’s almost impossible to not become short-staffed in the fast-paced hospitality industry. Numbers change daily, and what was expected sometimes doesn’t occur when it comes to restaurant foot traffic. Yet becoming short-staffed has a profound impact on your business, from customer service quality to employee morale.

The ShiftPixy app helps you fill schedules automatically and can help tailor your weekly scheduling needs. You can also fill a last-minute shift if you have additional reservations or an employee calls in sick. Through actual sales data, the app makes shift recommendations to ensure you’re never without the help you need.

6. Reduces Chronic Turnover

The restaurant and hospitality industry is notorious for high staff turnover. Depending on what statistic you look at, the turnover rate is somewhere between 68-75%. Flip this around, and only about 25% or 1 in 4 employees stay longer than three months. If you have four line cooks, you’re replacing at least one of them every quarter. And these statistics hold true for any kind of restaurant, serving any type of cuisine.

The background and career goals of the restaurant hire also play a significant role. Most restaurant workers have one of the following backgrounds.

  • High school workers making extra money
  • College students working while going to school
  • Seasonal workers who follow demand

There are career cooks, chefs, and staff who love what they do and don’t fit the above categories. But the amount of cooking jobs available and the competitive nature of keeping qualified employees makes it difficult for restaurants to have a high-retention rate.

All of which doesn’t matter when using a gig worker app like ShiftPixy. The app fills schedules automatically with part-time workers happy to fill in the gaps. Toxic turnover doesn’t exist because you haven’t actually hired the cook, you have accessed an ecosystem of available workers ready to fill open spots.

The elimination of turnover has a fiscal impact on your bottom line as well. Estimates vary for the actual cost, but it’s about $1,000 to $3,500 to replace one cook job. Between the time interviewing, training, and productivity loss, the soft and hard costs add up. Over time this can become a severe financial drain and one solved by using an on-demand app to fill the bench with qualified human resources.

7. Gives Employees Freedom

The typical 9 to 5 job has its rewards, but it may not have flexibility and freedom. Both attributes are highly sought after by employees. Using a gig app allows the cook or chef to pick and choose shifts that fit their schedule or state of mind. By extension, this is being offered by the restaurant without all the headaches.

When part-time employees have freedom of choice, they naturally become happier and more satisfied with their jobs. A happier employee brings this jubilation into the gig and everyone benefits. The on-demand labor app provides much-needed resources for accessing more content workers.

8. Saves Money and Time

Continually finding and hiring new employees creates a drain on resources. The restaurant manager spends lots of time posting job ads, interviewing, processing paperwork, and training. The productivity loss between the old employee leaving and retraining a new one can be expensive.

The ShiftPixy app gives the manager valuable time that translates into more time spent on other critical managerial tasks. It also saves the restaurant money that can be put into running the business or improving customer service. Not to mention that constantly finding and securing new cooks, chefs, or staff directly impacts the company morale.

In case you missed it, the ShiftPixy app has many benefits for hiring the right worker for restaurant shifts, including:

  • Fills shifts automatically
  • Protects your business from changing labor law regulations
  • Provides health benefits
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Ensures you’re never understaffed
  • Saves you money and time
  • Reduces toxic turnover
  • Gives employees freedom and flexibility

If you’re looking for chefs near you, then you’re going to love ShiftPixy. It’s taking the hospitality industry by storm and revolutionizing how part-time workers are hired thanks to its convenience and efficiency. Give it a try today— you’ll be surprised by how transforming it is!