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May 13, 2020

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For years the norm for a job has been permanent, full, or part-time employment. But recently, more and more people are beginning to take on a variety of short-term jobs also known as gigs. This includes things like freelancing, temp jobs, jobs in the sharing economy, and more. All of these different temporary jobs form a part of the economy called the Gig Economy.

The gig economy is beginning to attract a large portion of the workforce and studies show that it will keep on growing. This is partially due to the evolution of technology. Companies are now willing to hire workers from anywhere in the world who are easily able to telecommute and work on remote jobs.

For example, mobile jobs apps have allowed companies like Uber and Airbnb to grow an enormous amount of contract workers. Similarly, social media has given people the ability to market themselves and sell their products and services at a cheaper cost than traditional advertising. Thus, it has become easier for people to find online work and for employers to hire on a remote basis.

How to Find On-Demand Workers

To fill short-term contracts you need to find the right people with the right skills. While on-demand staffing apps and websites can help you find hourly workers for gigs and projects, you still need to search through a plethora of job searchers to find the right talent.

Here is how you can find the best temporary staff for your business:

  • Know What You Are Looking For

When you are finding a temporary worker it is usually on a contractual basis for a time-sensitive project. Therefore, while using a staffing app to find temporary workers for your business post the correct job titles and all the necessary details of the job that fits the search criteria of your desired workers.

While posting job vacancies make sure you are mentioning the proper skill-set that you are looking for and make job searching easy for your potential workforce.

  • Be Crystal Clear About Your Requirements

Make sure you are clearing out everything necessary for the candidate to know. Mention the time duration of the project, qualification required for the task, amount of payment, mode of payment, and any location constraints, etc. When workers are searching for available jobs using mobile apps available in the app store they check out all these necessary details to get a clear idea of what the client needs.

By disclosing such information about the project you will make it easier for the candidates to understand the job and perform accordingly.

  • Pay Attention To Experience And Skills

Traditional hiring gives you the advantage of hiring less experienced and skilled individuals as there is room for them to learn with onboarding; they can also be trained to adjust to the new job role. However, if you are giving job opportunities to temporary workers that you need to solve your immediate staffing issues then you cannot afford to hire inadequate talent.

If you are looking to hire temporary workers then you need individuals with specialized skills and some relevant experience to make sure they can provide you with quality work. So, make sure to thoroughly check the worker profile like their skills, qualification, experience, certifications, licenses, etc.

  • Cultural Fit

When looking to hire a temporary worker on a recurrent basis then it is also important to consider the cultural fit. The worker should not only be good at the job he is doing but he should also be efficient enough to keep up with the pace of your business. The best contingent workers are those who can jump into positions quickly and make sure that the project is completed as and when the business requires. Therefore, hiring someone who understands the culture of your organization is important.

  • Find The Right Staffing App

For both individuals and businesses finding the right staffing app is crucial for hiring the best temporary workers. An on-demand app that only registers licensed and certified individuals with high experience and qualifications is better than those where anyone can sign up.

Finding a reliable staffing platform that will give you the best candidate per your requirements is not an easy task. When you start looking for temporary workers you will find a number of on-demand apps and websites that can be quite overwhelming and confusing. Therefore, you need to make sure that the staff and platform you are choosing are reliable and have a good online reputation in the job market.

The Best Staffing App for On-Demand Workers

The best on-demand staffing platform is ShiftPixy. It is designed to help you find workers and connect with them efficiently. ShiftPixy strives to serve as the next-generation platform for both employers and employees engaging in the gig economy. It is a safe and reliable platform for part-time labor and workers looking for well-paying work. Similarly, it creates a trustworthy platform for employers to find a well-trained and skilled workforce.

Some amazing features of ShiftPixy are:

  • Access 

ShiftPixy connects employers with a qualified and trained on-demand workforce and gives them access to a wide pool of talent. On the other hand, workers have access to multiple job opportunities with both small and large businesses.

  • Freedom And Flexibility 

Employers have the liberty to hire anybody from anywhere without any type of administrative, demographic, geographic, and legal constraints. On the flip side, workers can choose to work on their own demands and schedule. In this way, ShiftPixy offers freedom and flexibility through its innovative approach to human capital.

  • Ease and Convenience

Being an on-demand staffing app, ShiftPixy offers ease and convenience to both employers and employees. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, workers and employees can smoothly communicate with each other and enter into reliable labor contracts.

The gig economy is here to grow – if you want to take over your competitors and grow your business, then stay a step ahead and adopt the gig culture now! Use ShiftPixy to create healthy relationships and new work opportunities and hire the best professionals.