Why ShiftPixy – Your Solution To Tackle The Gig Economy

Jul 10, 2015


ShiftPixy is an essential real-time workforce management platform & human capital ecosystem. It is your answer to better navigate the new regulatory demands for small businesses. We will help you tackle the gig economy with ease by offering a powerful scheduling and recruiting platform that opens real-time access to thousands of mobilized, contingent shift workers.

Not sure how this all works? Well, here are just some of the awesome benefits that ShiftPixy will bring to you and your business in this ever-evolving gig economy world.

1. Access Mobile / Contingent Workforce in Real-time 

ShiftPixy’s ecosystem enables you to keep your schedule filled and your bench stocked with a live, local, on-demand workforce.

ShiftPixy tracks the employees’ experience and rating as they work through the ShiftPixy ecosystem. This allows you to view the best, local workers, and bring them in as needed to avoid toxic turnover. 

So now you will always have access to interested, experienced, and available restaurant employees as a ShiftPixy operator client.

2. Shift ACA Reporting & Compliance Without Compromise or Failure

ShiftPixy creates an engagement that shifts the ownership of human capital compliance, risk, and administrative burdens from you, the operator, to ShiftPixy. This frees you from the weight of employee administration and compliance.

So, shifters can receive valuable benefits such as health insurance and workers’ compensation. Meanwhile, operators are able to rest easy knowing that they remain compliant with labor laws and free of time-consuming admin tasks.

3. ShiftPixy Offers Superior End-to-end Technology

ShiftPixy’s mobilized gig platform approach brings ease and flexibility back to the restaurant operator community.

Our app serves as an all-in-one workforce management platform for operators (aka, business owners) that rely on contingent employees. But it’s also a dynamic employment resource for shifters (aka, part-time workers) who want the freedom to make their own schedule.

4. Broadcast Open Shifts to Qualified and Available Shifter Candidates In The ShiftPixy Ecosystem

Never again will you have the struggle of accessing a solid workforce. ShiftPixy has built a national ecosystem with hundreds of operators and thousands of part-time workers focused on similar trade and service.

Our ecosystem design brings together shift workers and business operators connecting them with today’s best technology. The underlying strategy targets the operator’s difficult work of finding, hiring, and keeping part-time workers that are increasingly attracted to the simplicity and ease of the gig platforms.  

5. Cap and Decrease Escalating Workers Compensation Costs

Turnover, by the most generous analysis, is potentially over $7,000 per turn – depending on factors such as number of employees. Our strategy and ecosystem approach end transition duties, costs, and time. This simple engagement is designed to make easy-to-integrate economic sense, as well as caps and contains labor costs.

6. Shifters Can Access and Pick Shifts in Real-time Through the ShiftPixy Mobile App

ShiftPixy is the complete solution for part-time workers. Shift workers are now able to find and apply for jobs, manage multiple gigs at once, and communicate directly with operators. Finally, a single platform that provides peace of mind to a shifting gig schedule.

7. Co-employment Options for Maximizing Your Growth Strategy and Liberating Your Business

A huge obstacle to the modern-day operator is finding and keeping good employees. Part of this struggle is the direct competition for the U.S. part-time workforce from the fast-growing, gig-based platform developers like Uber, Postmates, GrubHub, and DoorDash. They have created a new level of ease and flexibility that part-time workers love and are joining in droves. 

Working closely with restaurant operators and the part-time workforce, we immersed ourselves in understanding the day-to-day obstacles faced by the industry. By adjusting and extending our human capital engagement we give operators the power to engage in co-employment options. Operators can now compete with these other gig-based platforms to free their business and escalate their growth strategies. 

We are helping operators re-think human capital and stand as the cutting-edge treatment of toxic employee turnover. We look forward to helping you explore the economic implications of a ShiftPixy engagement for your business. Schedule a ShiftPixy demonstration to learn more.