ShiftPixy Offers an innovative solution to new employer/employee market realities, insurance requirements, Affordable Care Act (ACA) and workforce disruption.

Hear from Nick Kapinson, one of many restaurant owners who needed a simpler way to hire and manage employees working on a part-time schedule. ShiftPixy’s technology platform allowed Nick to fill open shifts with ease, and took care of all administrative burdens.

Gig workers are often classified as non-employees, with little to no guarantee of insurance and benefits options. ShiftPixy makes sure “shifters” have a safety net.

Has your business been burned by third-party delivery? Mishandled orders and complaints keep piling up? Find out how ShiftPixy lets you take control of your customer experience.

The U.S has 28 million part-time workers. Nearly a quarter of them would like to work full-time but are unable to secure the hours. ShiftPixy’s powerful scheduling platform is helping businesses connect with shift workers to fill the gaps in our growing gig economy.

ShiftPixy’s disruptive human capital management platform is revolutionizing employment in the gig economy. With ShiftPixy’s driver management layer, restaurant operators can grow their business without giving up their customer data and experience.

The onboarding process can be a tedious task for today’s gig workers. With so many job opportunities available, gig-workers spend much of their time sending the same information out over and over. With ShiftPixy, you only need to do so once.

How can gig workers enjoy the flexibility of working their own schedule, while ensuring they have access to the shifts and benefits they need? With ShiftPixy, it’s possible.

ShiftPixy goes behind the scenes of the contingent workforce.

ShiftPixy is your one-stop human resources solution. Our technology consolidates payroll, insurance and HR management through a secure platform.

Learning how ShiftPixy can help owners find workers when they need it. Decrease employer administrative cost, and stay compliant with ShiftPixy.

Toxic turnover rates are crushing restaurant growth. ShiftPixy ensures operators have access to a qualified, on-demand workforce so their business can continue to thrive.

Keep your hard earned revenue and brand-intended customer experience with ShiftPixy’s new driver management layer. Restaurant operators can use their own team members to self-deliver without worrying about extra compliance or insurance related burdens.