‘ShiftPixy’ is an App That Helps Workers Navigate the Gig Economy

Sep 9, 2016

KATHERINE PENDRILL — Trendhunter, September 9, 2016 |

‘ShiftPixy’ is a brand-new app designed to help both workers and employers navigate the complexities of the gig economy. These days, a growing number of millennials are employed as flexible, shift workers. This app helps automate recruitment and scheduling for businesses that are shift-driven based on real-time information.

ShiftPixy operates as a management platform that “connects available shift opportunities and available shift workers.” To begin, employers place a call for an open shift through the network. Those available can then respond to the request in real time. The employers can ultimately review their credentials and either approve or deny the worker for the request.As the traditional employer-employee relationship continues to evolve, this app helps navigate some of the nuances of the ever-changing gig economy.

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