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Jul 11, 2016

Shifter workforce helps employers avoid the burden of ACA compliance; ShiftPixy revolutionizes the Gig Economy structure
Irvine CA June 30, 2016, ShiftPixy, Inc. is currently offering to help fellow employers use innovative solutions to avoid the many burdens created by the Affordable Care Act. Providing unique insurance products, regulatory compliance services, and proprietary human administration tools, ShiftPixy also lends out their private variable workforces to third-party employers that have been forced to reduce the size of their organizations.

ShiftPixy, not the employer, retains the workforce known as Shifters. All administrative and regulatory matters that accompany the hiring of Shifters is handled by ShiftPixy, totally removing that burden from its contract employers. Under ShiftPixys tutelage, these employers get the benefit of having a workforce without the regulatory burdens that normally accompany the hiring of that workforce. The employer gets to maintain workforce levels while providing Shifters the opportunity to receive full-time revenues and healthcare coverage, states Scott Absher, CEO, ShiftPixy, Inc.

The Affordable Care Act is affecting personnel decisions. A survey of more than 600 small business owners by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 20% of companies surveyed reported they have cut the number of workers they employ. Employers are not required to offer coverage for employees who work less than 30 hours per week. A related study found that 12% of employers nationwide are planning to reduce workers hours as a result of the ACA. By making the Shifters into ShiftPixy employees, we can now lend them out to the third-party employers who are in need of additional workers, continues Absher.

ShiftPixy has reported filing a Reg A+, the new SEC regulatory vehicle that allows non-accredited investors the opportunity to invest in a company at an early stage (IPO). Previously, investing in pre-market IPOs had been available to only a select few accredited or institutional investors.

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ShiftPixy, Inc. was created to take advantage of weaknesses in compulsory insurance markets where statutory requirements for business owners collide with the extremely limited access to the coverage and compliance they are required to have.

ShiftPixy management is in the optimal position to intermediate a more effective solution to meet the needs on both the provider and shift worker sides of this new labor reality in the U.S. ShiftPixy has developed proprietary technology and client engagement processes that enable the Company to create high value on both sides of the U.S. shift work chasm.

ShiftPixy allows available and qualified shift workers to connect with immediately available shifts from participating ShiftPixy providers through a simple mobile application. Shift workers or Shifters can find shift opportunities within their skill set and geographic range, and pick unfilled shifts when they need the work.

ShiftPixy processes the entire workflow on the provider side from offering open shifts, approving a Shifter based on their rich profile, to processing the entire payroll, insurance and regulatory demands for each shift hour worked.


In helping employers take care of their employees, we could see changes and decisions for employers that were resulting in fewer hours for shift workers but leaving gaps or holes in employers’ schedules.


  1. ShiftPixy was designed to sync work opportunities from job providers with the open time slots of available shift workers.
  2. ShiftPixy manages relationships with job providers to take open shift opportunities that are filling their schedules and offer them as work opportunities to qualified workers without the formal job interview and commitments.
  3. The ShiftPixy app allows shift workers to enroll, profile and prequalify based on their work and training experience for open shift opportunities. Shifters can earn provider specific qualifications to boost their score and access to more shift opportunities.


ShiftPixy has built a very robust platform that processes and manages over 50 essential and regulated aspects of the job providers’ human capital management demands.


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