Protecting your branding, customer experience from third-party delivery

May 17, 2019

CHERRYH CANSLER — FastCasual, May 17, 2019 |

With customers now demanding delivery from nearly every type of restaurant, brands quickly hoping to get a piece of the action may feel compelled to rely on third-party delivery companies. The price of striking deals with the UberEats and Grubhubs of the world, however, is often too high, according to Scott Absher, CEO of ShiftPixy, who recently asked several of his clients why they’d hand over their customer experience, data and brand reputation to someone else after spending decades and billions of dollars getting it right.

“That’s when we started hearing these stories from these operators – no food, late food, cold food, half-eaten food, and it was clear that there was a problem in that third-party scheme of things,” he said during an interview with FastCasual’s Cherryh Cansler.

Watch the interview to learn how to solve pain points often associated with third-party delivery. 

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