Oct 30, 2018

CAMERON HUDDLESTON — Entrepreneur, November 1, 2018 |

If you want to make extra money, theres no shortage of side hustles to supplement your income. The challenge is finding one that actually works with your schedule. After all, if you already have a full-time job, you dont want a side gig that interferes with your 9-to-5 or leaves you with no downtime.

Thats the beauty of side hustles, though. It doesnt matter how much or how little time you have, you can find some way to make money through online platforms, said Kathy Kristof, creator of SideHusl, which provides reviews of online side hustle platforms. So it might just be worth it to explore money-making opportunities that match how much free time youve got in order to find your side hustle sweet spot.

Time Needed: Several Hours a Week

If you have a lot of time for a side hustle and a truck or van, Kristof recommends getting a high-paying gig with a moving service such as Truxx or Dolly. People who are moving can use the Truxx or Dolly apps to find someone to help with their move. Youll be notified through the apps when theres a customer nearby. You can make $30 or more an hour with Dolly if you have a truck or van and can lift more than 75 pounds. With Truxx, you get paid 70 percent of what the customer is charged (which is $25 to $35 an hour) plus tips.

Or you could use the Wonolo or ShiftPixy apps to be connected with hourly or same-day jobs, Kristof said. If you sign up with these platforms, youll be notified when there is shift work such as awarehouse, delivery, clerical and service industry jobs available for you.

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