How Safe Are Our Food Regulations?

May 4, 2018

JIM LOPOLITO — Food Fair Magazine, May 4, 2018 | Speaking with Scott Absher, CEO of who saw a need to fix the high turnover rate in the hospitality industry, Scott says “foodborne concerns are built into their core values.” ShiftPixy offers companies a form of “sharing platform where one client can share employees with another client, all while being under the employment of ShiftPixy.” ShiftPixy will take “a couple of company people per shift and hire them directly and provide auto insurance, and deliveries can be made under the brand name.” During the hiring stage, ShiftPixy “performs due diligence to adapt the brand and region’s curriculum in food safety during the hiring process.” While third-party is still ShiftPixy’s makeup with their food service hiring’s, this is an encouraging model to watch.

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