Face Pay Network, Restaurant of the Future and The Main Course

Aug 19, 2020

Modern Restaurant Management, August 19, 2020 |

Ghost Kitchen Incubator Project

ShiftPixy, Inc.  revealed its new contest program as part of the ShiftPixy Labs Ghost Kitchen Incubator Project. As an addition to the company’s Ghost Kitchen expansion, the contest will offer qualified chefs and restaurant operators the chance to earn a spot in the Incubator by pitching and testing new ideas with fully simulated ghost kitchen and delivery experiences. The contest as well as the Incubator Project will be streamed on YouTube, providing the Company and all participants with an elevated platform for a global audience.

With the restaurant industry experiencing a seismic shift towards ghost kitchens and delivery-centric business models, it’s more important than ever for operators to learn how to succeed using these concepts. The services provided by the ShiftPixy Labs Incubator Project are designed to prepare operators to launch new businesses — and coach them on how to build and optimize their businesses around delivery and off-premises dining from the ground up.

“At our core, ShiftPixy’s mission is about helping operators succeed. In today’s landscape, that means guiding them through the process of running a strong ghost kitchen and delivery-based restaurant,” said ShiftPixy co-founder and CEO Scott Absher. “Our Ghost Kitchen Incubator Project will change the way restaurants are created and launched, and this new contest program opens that opportunity to a huge range of participants, which also gives us the chance to discover and partner with the exciting brands of tomorrow.  From culinary students with great ideas to aspiring restaurateurs trying to open their second restaurant, the Ghost Kitchen Incubator Contest is open to anyone who applies – and viewers around the world will be able to see how entrepreneurs can leverage ShiftPixy’s engagement and strategy. We look forward to sharing more news and information about these revolutionary programs in the coming weeks.”

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