Understanding The Five Main Benefits of Relying on Office Food Delivery

Many bosses struggle with the fundamental question of how to handle lunch breaks.

Should you set up an on-site canteen that will offer varied dishes to your employees? Should you encourage them to bring food from home? Or maybe you can just let them take care of lunch on their own by allowing them to head to whichever dining establishments are open nearby?

Those lunch options have all been offered over the years and they come with their own pros and cons. Before you settle on any one of those aforementioned options though, itís also worth considering office food delivery.

With apps dedicated to delivery now available, offices now have access to a wider array of food options to choose from. To get a better sense of why more offices should lean on delivery on lunch, this article will highlight some of the most notable benefits that come from developing that habit.


1. Office Delivery Makes the Lunch Experience More Convenient for Workers

The Convenience of Online Food Delivery For Workers

Convenience is crucial to the lunchtime experience. If the lunchtime experience being made available is not easy and/or accessible, there are good chance employees will simply shy away from it.

Listed below are the different ways in which online food delivery can make the lunchtime experience better from the standpoint of convenience.


Thereís No Need to Rush in the Morning

Bringing food from home is a good option to consider if you want to be more in control of what youíre eating while also saving some money. Unless you have someone you can ask to prepare that food for you though, that means you will often have to get up early in the morning.

If you happen to wake up later than you expected, you may have to risk being marked tardy for work because you prepared your food or youíll just have to head out the door unaware of what lunch will be. For those operating on a tight budget, they may have no other choice than to be late because they canít afford to eat out for lunch.

You can try to prep the meals youíll be consuming at work for the coming week on the weekend, but not everyone has the time for that as well.

Offering delivery as an option can help ensure that workers will be on time more consistently.


Thereís No Need to Leave the Office for Lunch

On those days when you are having a rough start to your workday, the idea of having to head out for food can be stressful. As much as possible, you would rather just eat to avoid feeling lightheaded earlier and get right back to your unfinished work.

While you should always feel free to step outside for lunch if you so desire, thereís no denying the reality that there are times when that is not such an appealing option.

Outside of having a difficult start to your day, you may also want to avoid going out for lunch because of the weather. Itís no fun walking for 10 minutes just to find someplace to eat under the scorching sun. Then again, having to deal with pouring rain just to grab some food is not all that great either.

Letís not forget about all the lines you need to deal with if you are planning to leave the office for lunch. More often than not, there will be long lines at the elevators during the lunch rush. You may encounter another long queue at the dining establishment of your choice and donít forget about the lines youíll see going back up to your office.

Simply put, there will be days when going out to lunch will be inconvenient, and no one wants to deal with that.

Delivery can obviously get rid of that problem by bringing the food to the workers instead of the other way around, saving plenty of people from experiencing workday headaches in the process.


You Can Eat in a Comfortable Setting

A problem that doesnít get mentioned enough when you have to eat lunch outside the office is related to simply finding a place to eat. Weíre not even talking about how some dining establishments donít offer good food.

Instead, the problem I want to highlight here is how many lunch places tend to get overcrowded.

You only have a limited amount of time to eat lunch.† Do you really want to spend a big chunk of it just finding someplace to sit? Probably not, which means you may just settle for any spot that opens up.

Perhaps you can try to squeeze yourself into an already crowded table, leading to everyone having a hard time digging in. You can also try to join a table with people who clearly know each other, but thatís awkward.

Standing while youíre trying to eat your food, hold your drink, and keep track of time is a difficult juggling act that many office workers have to attempt way too often.

It would be better if you can stay at your desk or perhaps head to a designated room inside your office and eat leisurely. Getting delivery allows office workers to enjoy that kind of lunchtime experience.


2. Delivery Services Help Everyone in the Office Become More Time-Efficient

How Offering Office Food Delivery Services Improves Workers' Time Efficiency

Time is an incredibly valuable resource and that rings especially true within the walls of a typical office. The success and failure of certain projects can hinge on whether or not deadlines are met.

With the need to be prompt always present, offices can greatly improve how efficient they are with regards to time by offering delivery as an option for food.


Everyone Can Start Lunch on Time

One hour for lunch can seem like a long time, but thatís only if you overlook the fact that thereís more that goes into lunch than just eating.

Between the long trek to get your food and the trip back, you may have already spent a third of your lunch hour before you even started eating.

Some of you may be thinking that time wonít be such an issue if workers just brought food from home or ate at the cafeteria. Sure, going down those routes could save more time than heading out, but youíll still be rushing through your meal if you are among the last ones in line.

Regardless of which of those aforementioned options you chose, someone will end up being last and given less time to eat.

Technically speaking, someone will still have to receive their food last if the office opts for delivery, but the gap will be much smaller. The office can even assign someone to organize the deliveries ahead of lunchtime so that they can be given to the right recipients before the break-even starts.

Thanks to delivery, everyone in the office can actually start chowing down at the same time.


Workers Can Make Good Use of Their Remaining Lunch Time

This article from T Sheets highlights some interesting revelations that come from a recent survey focused on workplace lunch habits.

Apparently, a significant amount of people opt not to take their lunch breaks. 74 percent of the people who opt not to take their lunch break said that they do so because they either have too much work to sift through or because they want to use that time to catch up on a few important emails.

16 percent of people who avoid lunch said that they are fine with doing so because it allows them to finish their daily workload faster.

Setting aside for now just how unhealthy it is to skip meals during the workday, employees also shouldnít be put in a position where they have to make a choice between getting more work done or taking the break they deserve.

Sadly, in offices where there is an overabundance of work, many workers have to forego lunch if they want to get home on time.

Deliveries can address the aforementioned issue.

Now that the people in the office can start eating on time, they may be able to finish their meal with about 20-30 minutes remaining in their break. If they want to, they can use that time to rest for a bit or resume their work.

Lunchtime will no longer have to go to waste thanks to deliveries.


No One Returns to the Office Late

You can be late to the office both in the morning and later in the afternoon. On those days when the lunchtime rush is just too much, an hour may not be enough for office workers.

Being late returning from lunch is problematic for a few reasons.

For one, itís not very professional and supervisors will almost certainly frown upon it.

Being late coming from back lunch is also a problem if thereís a meeting everyone must attend. That meeting may not get started on time because of a few workers who took a little longer getting back from lunch. Even a small delay like that can have ripple effects that impact how productive the office can be for the rest of the day.

Whatís more frustrating is that the workers arenít always the ones at fault for why there were late coming back from lunch. Factors out of their control such as overcrowded elevators and long lines could very well be the primary reasons why they were late.

Since deliveries donít even require workers to head elsewhere to eat, the odds that they will return from lunch late will be effectively eliminated.


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3. Deliveries Grant Offices Access to the Online Marketplace of Food

Food Delivery As An Online Marketplace Solution To Office Workers

Back in the day, getting food delivered to the office was not always the most appealing option because of the choices available. You usually had to pick from either fast food joints or whichever local restaurants were willing to deliver during the weekday lunch hour.

You can still get your food from those neighborhood restaurants, but thanks to the advent of delivery apps, the selection has grown.


More Food Options Are Now Available Via Delivery

Open up your food delivery app of choice and you will see right away that there are numerous options available for you to choose from.

If you want some burger and fries, thereís likely a restaurant nearby that can provide that classic combo. Office workers looking for some lighter fare may also be able to have some salads delivered.

Those celebrating birthdays can even go all out and order some pretty decent pizzas via delivery apps.

Having so many options available at your fingertips is a big deal. Even if you were having a bad day at work, you can look forward to lunch because you know youíre getting something good from your favorite restaurant or because youíll finally be able to try out that dish youíve long been curious about.

The days when you had to pack the same dull sandwich day in and day out or settle for another piece of fried chicken from the cafeteria can be done away with by introducing the delivery option to the office space.


Workers Can Enjoy Healthier Meals during Lunchtime

When youíre thinking of what to have for lunch at the office, what are your main considerations?

A lot of people just want something easy to eat so that they can finish quickly without getting something on their shirt. Others may prefer something more flavorful as a reward for the work theyíve already put in and will continue to put in for the rest of the day.

If paydayís still a week away and your budget is already running out, you may only care about eating something inexpensive.

The point is that not everyone prioritizes the nutritional value of their lunch when theyíre at work, which is far from ideal. Eat poorly five days out of the week on a consistent and you could end up developing some serious health problems sooner rather than later.

Opting to have food delivered obviously does not guarantee that everyone inside the office will eat healthier, but at least they will now have the option of doing so. Start giving people the option to healthier and they may end up accepting that offer.


Deliveries Can Cater to the Different Diets and Lifestyles People in the Office Are Following

The people working inside the same office wonít always have the same food preferences and some may not even be able to eat certain items due to health concerns. There are office workers who will want to eat meat and there will also be others who are vegetarian or vegan.

You would think that having food delivered will be harder because of that, but thatís not really the case anymore.

As this video shows, there are delivery services available that allow individual meals to be ordered for the people in the office. Orders can be placed for those who want meat, those who want to eat lighter, and those who want something a little more unique.

In the past, the only way for office workers who have to follow strict dietary limitations to be certain that they will have something to eat for lunch is to bring food from home. These days, more sophisticated delivery services can capably address that concern.


4. Relying on a Food Delivery Service Can Improve the Office Environment

Food Delivery Service Creates A Better Office Environment

The deliveries are not just beneficial to the people working inside the office building. The company itself may turn out to be the biggest beneficiary from offices leaning more on delivery as the main way their employees get food.

Coming up are some of the ways in which deliveries can have a positive impact on your office.


Deliveries Can Lead to More Team Building Opportunities

Bonding over a team lunch may sound clichť, but there are real benefits to be gained from it.

When office workers spend time together at lunch conversing about various topics, they can get to know each other better. That increased familiarity can come in very handy down the line. If a problem pops up, the people inside the office will feel more comfortable asking for help from their colleagues because they actually know one another quite well.

Team lunches can also be useful for the purposes of planning. If thereís still some time left after everyoneís eaten, an impromptu meeting can be held to discuss plans for the rest of the week or for an important event thatís coming soon.

Since everyone is already in the room for lunch, it will be easier to gather input regarding future plans too.

And of course, you canít overlook the value of colleagues being able to laugh and spend time together.


Office Productivity Can Improve When Everyone Is Enjoying Delivered Food

An important thing to note about skipping lunch is that itís bad not just for the employees, but for the company as a whole as well.

Per this article from Ladders, an employee who decides to bypass lunch and keep working could see his/her productivity suffer. Whatís potentially even more concerning is that the drop in productivity could persist the longer the employee in question avoids eating.

Imagine if that employee holds a crucial position in the company. Even a marginal drop in his/her performance could have huge ramifications on how the company does on that day and potentially over a longer period of time.

It doesnít have to be a key employee either. If multiple workers are skipping lunch on a regular basis, the performance of the company can really start to suffer. Reversing that trend can prove to be an impossible task once it starts to take hold.

Because the food is being delivered right to them, employees no longer have to skip lunch. They can still eat lunch a bit faster to get more time for work, but skipping the meal altogether is no longer something employees will have to do.


Opting for More Deliveries Can Free Up Office Space


As we noted earlier, companies can provide food for their employees by building a canteen and honestly, there are some real advantages to having that kind of facility on the premises. Canteens can offer workers more varied food options and companies can also make a bit extra from that addition.

Unfortunately, there are also downsides to a company hosting a canteen on its premises. The biggest one is that the canteen has to eat into the available office space.

Companies will no longer be able to use that space to do things such as build a conference room or even create additional space for more employees.

The companies that rely on deliveries donít have to worry about it though. They will be able to maximize the space they have and utilize all of that for company operations. In the process, they can also build stronger companies.


5. Utilizing Deliveries More Can Be Hugely Beneficial to Night Shift Workers

The Impact and The Benefits of Online Food Delivery To Night Shift Employees

Night shift workers can get overlooked from time to time when companies are laying out their plans and considering possible changes. That cannot stand though as night-shift workers deserve all the benefits given to their colleagues who work the daylight hours.

Working conditions for night shift employees can be improved noticeably if companies decide to use deliveries more. You can read about some of the biggest benefits below.


Deliveries Enable Night Shift Workers to Enjoy Better Food

Working the night shift can be unpleasant for all kinds of reasons.

That kind of schedule means you wonít be able to attend plenty of events, and hanging out with your friends is tougher because your schedules may no longer sync up.

Your body clock having to learn a new schedule can also be quite a challenging experience. You may not even be able to get decent sleep the first few weeks youíre working the night shift.

The bigger threat to your health though could be posed by the limited food options usually made available to night shift workers. Food options arenít exactly plentiful at night.

If youíre lucky enough to have a decent 24-hour restaurant working nearby, then thatís good news for you, but many night-shift employees are not afforded such luxury. In some locations, the only places selling food late into the night are convenience stores.

While it is true that night shift workers wonít have as many delivery options to choose from as their day shift counterparts, it still matters that they have more alternatives. Simply not having to eat the same convenience store fare again and again will be a positive change for night shift workers.


Night Shift Workers Can Avoid Danger Better by Ordering Food

Most offices are located in safe neighborhoods and business districts, which is reassuring for employees who have to go to work at night. Smaller businesses may not be able to afford setting up shop in the pricier parts of town though and will thus settle for whichever location they can secure.

Even if your office is located in what is widely known to be a safe neighborhood, that offers no guarantee that you wonít be victimized by criminals emboldened to act by the darkness provided by the night. You may find yourself looking over your shoulder constantly when youíre just buying food because you donít know what could be around the corner waiting for you.

By making it possible for night shift employees to order via apps, companies will be able to keep them safer.


Electric Bills Can Be Reduced if Night Shift Employees Get Food Delivered More Often

One more reason why itís a smart move on the part of companies to let their night shift workers order food is that they can realize savings on their electric bills by doing so.

More than a few night shift employees prefer to bring food into work with them because they know there wonít be many dining establishments open and going out late at night always carries with it at least a bit of risk. Because of that, microwave ovens will be used more often and that increased usage can really inflate electric bills.

In order to get night shift workers to stop using the microwave ovens as often, companies can present them with delivery alternatives. Deliveries will make it possible for night shift workers to still enjoy nice, warm meals even without turning on a microwave.



The business of delivering food has changed significantly over the past few years and as this article shows, that transformation has the potential to be beneficial to companies and workers in all kinds of ways.

Greater convenience is offered, more time is saved, food options become more diverse, the office environment is improved, and night shift workers can enjoy their time at work better all thanks to those online delivery services.

Both the companies and the employees will have to undergo an adjustment period of sorts before they can get completely used to the new way of getting food, but in the long run, the shift to more deliveries will be immensely beneficial.

Try using food deliveries more in your own office and see what kind of positive impact it has on your colleagues and the company itself.



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