15 Crazy and Surprising Ways People Are Using Blockchain

Mar 8, 2018

LYDIA BELANGER — Entrepeneur, March 8, 2018 | ShiftPixy, a platform that specializes in workforce engagement for the restaurant industry, announced on March 7 that it uses a blockchain ledger to keep track of data generated in the hiring and onboarding of gig workers.The temp-service-like platform matches employers with shift-workers and serves as the workers employer and benefits manager.

The platform has incorporated blockchain to boost security and compliance, reduce human error in screening and identify fraud. The onboarding process requires the exchange of sensitive information such as social security, drivers license and bank account numbers.

It also allows employers and auditors to verify employment dates and candidates credentials, and for workers to rate the workplaces ShiftPixy has paired them with without the risk of anyone tampering with those ratings. In the future, ShiftPixy anticipates that blockchain technology could be used for worker payments and contacts, according to a release.

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