14 of the Coolest NRA Show Finds: 2018 Edition

May 24, 2018

DANNY KLEIN — QSR, May 24, 2018 | As I mentioned before, self-delivery was a hot-button topic among operators I chatted with. No secret why. Costs, of course. Also the brand-value issues, and data concerns that come with letting the business run through a third-party aggregator. ShiftPixy is working to offer a different solution by lowering delivery costs, and allowing restaurants to use their own team to deliver by removing compliance, management, and insurance issues associated with working with independent contractors.

Stephen Holmes, co-founder, said ShiftPixy was created to leverage the gig-economy concept. It matches employers looking for part-time employees with qualified workers seeking flexible hours. It also serves as an employer to its workforce by offering access to benefits and other protections while allowing the workers to choose various shifts at a variety of restaurants in ShiftPixy’s platform. In return, restaurants featured have their administrative and compliance burdens associated with employment done centrally through ShiftPixy’s app. Returning to the self-delivery angle: ShiftPixy is targeting quick-service operators. Holmes said the company was inspired by operators who didn’t want to surrender their brand, customer experience, and customer data to aggregators. The new driver management layer added into ShiftPixy’s platform allows clients to use their own employees to deliver. It does so by easing the compliance, management, and insurance issues related to the support of a delivery option. The result is a turn-key self-delivery opportunity. Control data, control preference, Holmes said.

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